CyberDD is UK based "CYBER" and "FINANCIAL" Risk Advisory firm.

GAKU Sato, Director

  • Chartered Certified Accountant
  • Institute of certified bookkeeper
  • Finance, Corporate Risk and Governance Specialist.
  • About 2 decades experiences both UK and Japanese finance/Accounts & Tax/Corporate company incl. Japanese MEGA financials as Director.

Teruyoshi ADACHI, Director

  • Well-known Cyber Security Specialist
  • Amazon ranking #1 Author
  • Entrepreneurial, M&A, IPO experiences in London, New York and Tokyo.
  • About 2 decades experiences of Cyber Security sector as CEO and British major financials as Advisor.


Now these factors have led to increased volatility in management:

1) Increased Cyber Risk EXPOSURE
2) Compliance with Cyber-related LAWs and REGULATIONs
3) Risk of litigation and Directors' and Officers' LIABILITY arising out of the above

At the same time, business, project and deal must be committed to continuous improvement and upgrading.
Damage to IT assets, which are a source of value for a company, can lead to significant opportunity loss, reputational degradation, and spillover of losses to the supply chain.
Management must recognize, assess and measure cyber risks in compliant with relevant laws and regulations, and implement both technical and organizational aspects.

Cyber risk has traditionally been tackled as an issue specific to IT departments. However, a high degree of expertise is now required that goes significantly beyond that.
And, cyber risk, which is one of the key management issues, requires the use of professional services with highly specialized knowledge, experience and technology.

Risk Aspect

Cyber Risk Due Diligence

Cyber Risk Due Diligence involves looking for exploitable vulnerabilities in externally accessible IT assets and analyzing operational risks.

  • Increase the value of own company.
  • Valuation for supplier.
  • Valuation for M&A and Investments.

Cyber Risk Advisory

To support ongoing and effective cybersecurity efforts, we provide advisory services with Due Diligence and Risk Exposure Manament implementation and suggested Cyber Security priorities.

Risk Exposure Management

Risk Exposure Management provides constant monitoring to manage ever-changing cyber risks and helps optimize ongoing IT investments.

  • Increase the value of own company.
  • In the case of M&A, it's possible to manage cyber risk from DD to PMI phase.

Marketing and Research

Marketing support for Cyber Risk-related businesses, primarily for IT companies and Financials.

Keywords in the area of dominance:
Cyber Insurance, Crime Insurance, Risk Management, Data Protection, GDPR, Regulation, Strategy, Connected, Supply Chain Risk, UK-JAPAN etc.

Our clients rely on our Risk Advisory on a range of business activities:

  • Due Diligence and M&A
  • Cyber Security for own, partner and potential partner
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Optimizing and Focus on Cyber Security investments
  • OEM supply as own consulting/service
  • Marketing/Research for Cyber Risk-related business



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BEFORE 2019:

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22/7/2020 Quick and Easy Hacking, Teruyoshi Adachi (JAPANESE Edition, Book)
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25/5/2018 GDPR Guidebook, Teruyoshi Adachi and Dr. Hermann Gumpp
(JAPANESE Edition, Book)
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28/7/2017 How to Cyber Crime, Teruyoshi Adachi (JAPANESE Edition, Book)
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 London, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Dusseldorf, Milan,
 Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angels, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc.

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Principles of CyberDD

CyberDD assists clients excellent in their Business, Project and Deal, and drive sustainable growth.

IT has connected the world, embarked on new experiences, and transformed the framework of business. This is also working against the negative aspects, and the volatility of the business environment continues to rise.

To provide professional risk management services to help our clients continue to improve, boosting sustainable growth and having a positive impact on the world we live in.

Therefore, CyberDD itself is excellent, and it must continue to improve.

And CyberDD is made possible not by a large number of ordinary people, but by a small number of talented people and technology, with habitual learning and the evolution of technology as the source of our growth.


CyberDD is there to improving your business climb the ladder of excellent.

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